About Us

Master Management ® is here to deliver something new in the world of real estate. Our goal is to make everything as easy as possible for both real estate agents & brokerage companies by offering a multitude of options to both in an easy-to-use format. And by extending the functionality of our service around the globe, we can help to make property searches more accessible for more people in more places.

One of the key points to Master Management ® is accessibility. That certainly means that we want to keep everything as clean and simple to use as possible. The other big part of accessibility is allowing access to as many formats as possible. Rather than locking Master Management ® down to one or two types of technology, we’re spreading this out as widely as possible. Whether you’re using a desktop computer, a lap top, a smart phone or a tablet, you can access and use all of the features we’ve put in place, whether you’re a customer or a provider. Why limit what we’re offering to a select few?

Why did we do it?

When we set out to create this system, we truly wanted to give it a global reach. We’re constantly striving to add as many different Real Estate brokerages & Agents as we can from around the world to our database. This helps them by allowing them to offer their services to customers through one central hub. And it helps customers. We do it by letting them shop around in their area. Master Management Corp ® can serve as a handy directory to all customers. That means both new ones and those looking for a new vendor. This allows everyone to find companies they want to deal with. But we’re offering a lot more than that.

What are we offering?

Using our system, listings can be made through either the website or our application. It doesn’t matter which of our participating vendors it is that you’re ordering from, you can do so through our program. That makes ordering simple and uniform across the spectrum of companies we’re serving. You can also make your payments through the site, removing the need to do so separately. Add in the ability for customers to check out their listing and payment history. We’re a one-stop shop for all of your property listing needs. If you do switch to another broker or agent who also works with us, you simply make your changes. There’s no need to set up a new account on yet another site. And by allowing participating companies to track customer listing histories, we’re also offering them value beyond a greater reach through a uniform application. Everyone comes out a winner.

Who can we help?

Master Management ® is a handy website with a global reach. We’re looking to make things as easy as possible for home owners and realty companies alike. By helping everyone link together with a central focus. We believe that we can help take real estate sales to another level.